TED Talk

Speak more persuasive and powerful

Speak with charisma in front of your audience
Use proven storytelling techniques
Captivate your audience

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Speaking like a true TED Talk

Speaking like a true TED Talk speaker starts with presenting in a calm and persuasive manner. That is why we start with your posture, breath and use of voice. Than we move to your story: What is your message and how can you structure it powerfully? We finish with a layer of rhetorical devices to increase the impact of every sentence.

Personal style: what should you emphasize and what is perfect already? A TED Talk Masterclass provides you with a persuasive story, increase your confidence and enlarges your impact.


We start our program with a digital survey in the Debat.NL SkillsTracker. Our trainer uses these insights to draft a tailormade program that, depending on the duration (webinar, workshop or training), contains the following elements:

How to keep your nerves in check
The characteristics of a persuasive message
Work on a solid structure
Grab the attention from the very first second
The art of storytelling

More flair and charisma
Rhetorical devices
Interact with your audience
The inevitable climax
Ready for your own personal TED Talk

The combination of Masterclass and Debat.NL SkillsTracker ensures you of additional exercises, feedback and tips.

Experienced trainer

Debat.NL trainers teach you how to relax and convince in front of a big audience. With an attention to detail when it comes to your posture and your voice and tailormade insights how you can even further improve your charisma, you will notice progress in your way of presenting. You can rely on our personal feedback and practice advice for the years ahead.